Praise for Vanessa Gillette


- Noel Ballard, Rodan + Fields -

"Whether it is a professional or personal project, you can count on Vanessa to pay attention to every little detail and customize it to exactly your liking. Everything she puts her hands on is extremely attended to. From her amazing work ethic to her go-getter attitude and creative style, I can assure that your projects with her will be top notch. You will not be disappointed in working with this visionary!"

- Duane Hayden, Tampa's Home Team -

“Vanessa is a Marketing Guru and has definitely made a positive impact on my business. I have sincerely enjoyed working with her! She gave me the help I so desperately needed to get my [real estate] listings the social media exposure they needed. Vanessa is a great person who genuinely cares about your success and I cannot sing enough praises about. She has been a true asset to me and Tampa's Home Team. I cannot thank you enough for helping me grow my business.” 

 - Darcy Frick, Darcy Madelyn Photography - 

"Vanessa is a dream to work with! She is able to take a mundane subject and find a way to make your target audience want more. She makes her clients feel like family, while also remaining professional and making sure her clients needs are met. Highly recommended!"

- Jessica Renaud, That Steel Drum Girl -

Vanessa is the kind of person who exudes warmth and excellence. She is creative and kind, and lives her life both within the boundaries of her own morality, and also beyond the expectations of most people’s dreams. She is someone who accomplishes what she sets out to do, she follows through on her goals and picks admirable goals to work towards. I have had the pleasure of being able to see the world through her lens when she writes about her adventures. She vividly painted a picture of the tropical, life-changing journey she took in Costa Rica and by painting her world in words made me feel like I was the one abroad. I can not recommend her or her business more highly. - Jessica Renaud

- Mary Jo Henderson, HerScan -

"I knew I wanted to hire Vanessa the moment I read her resume. There was just something that made me see how clear her mind is. A great eye for detail and design, and always willing to work with me until I love it. She is my go-to for marketing, advertising, and writing content that build up momentum. I call her our "Family Writer." Her ability to translate my needs or ideas into actionable steps that bring them to life is matched by her ability to fit those needs to reach the business goals most important to you. She has helped grow my business over the past two years, and there are many more years to come."

- Ambee Stephens, EmpowHERment -

"Vanessa is brilliant. She is someone dedicated to her craft and it shows with every project she is apart of. Her calm but enthusiastic demander is one that I envy. I am beyond pleased to have Vanessa apart of these projects. She has made a dream, a reality and I couldn't be more ecstatic about the results."

- Zachary Forsch, Forsch Solutions -

“Vanessa is one of the most in-the-know people I know of. She constantly stays up to date with the latest social media trends and marketing methods. She is always looking to improve herself and her writing. With a plethora of useful skills such as content creation, website design, engagement strategies combined with her strong communication skills, Vanessa is a force to be reckoned with. I highly recommend Vanessa for anything related to writing, communications, or social media marketing.”

- Season Groves, Pinellas County Animal Services -

"Vanessa is an invaluable asset to our volunteer team at PCAS, always seeking to learn more and be more active in the community. Thanks for all you do."

- Michael S., USFSP -

"As a student and as a writer, Vanessa strives for excellence. Her dedication to her work is uncanny. Whether it is in a group setting or individual projects, Vanessa navigates effectively while injecting a creative thought process that I have thoroughly enjoyed observing. I am confident she will continue to throw herself into her work and give the 110% effort I have witnessed."

- Toni O'Neil, Coastal Cottage -

"Working along Vanessa on various marketing projects...well, let’s just say she has saved my butt more times than one!! She has a refreshing approach to new ideas and adjusts to change easily. I hope we get a chance to work together again soon."

- HEather J., USFSP -

"Thorough research and analysis, clear writing style, and intense work ethic. Those are the three things that come to mind first when I think of Vanessa. She is a dedicated learner, which I know will attract incredible opportunities to her in life."

- Amanda Rowell, Nailsthetics by Mandy -

"Vanessa is self-motivated, creative, and hardworking. She also has an immense passion for helping others achieve success, which, in my opinion, is one of her best qualities. On top of all of this, she is an incredible writer with a knack for immersing readers into stories, describing things in such great detail that you might feel as though you were actually there with her. I have seen her apply this same level of descriptive writing to FAQ-type material and helpful articles about many areas of the blogging/marketing world that she is so knowledgeable about and it brings so much clarity to things that would otherwise go way over my head. Vanessa is definitely someone you want in your corner! 10 out of 10 would recommend."

- Nik Wyland, Tesla -

"Vanessa is outstanding at anything she sets out to create. Plain and simple. And over the last 5 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working close with her and I have always been continually impressed with how much heart and dedication she puts in to everything she creates. When starting a project with you she works directly with you on finding out exactly what you are looking for, by asking the right questions, digging deep in her research, providing routine updates and painting a clear vision with a story you can’t stop reading and also can’t wait to get out to the public. You won't be sorry. This woman is who you’re looking for and thank you again for everything Vanessa!"