Digital Content Writer | Social Media Strategist
Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.
— Ayn Rand

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I write content to help your business attract more high-quality customers.

Hey there! I’m Vanessa, and I am obsessed with writing and digital marketing. Especially if it’s in service of small business owners who are feeling dead in the water.

Call me crazy, but seeing your business grow is the greatest reward in my professional life. Seriously.

I happen to specialize in these key areas:

  • Article writing, like blog posts.

  • Copywriting, selling yourself with powerful language.

  • Social media content, so your message stands out where it counts!

Learn more about me + how I can help you meet your goals here:


Skills & Expertise

With a background in digital marketing and 6+ years of professional writing experience, I have learned that the written word should not just evoke emotion, but action. Click below to view my digital CV.


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