Sunday Stream #2: What Is Real Life?


The Second Round of Sunday Streaming...

Last week, I dove into a new series on this blog called Sunday Streams.

These streams are written by me in a stream of consciousness style of writing, following a yoga and meditation practice. I focus and meditate specifically on a specific prompt or question, allowing the stillness to evoke words on paper.

These are the only rules I set for myself:

  • Rule #1:  Always meditate first.
  • Rule #2:  Write the stream with a physical pen and paper.
  • Rule #3:  Only formatting and punctuation edits may be made. No edits to content.
  • Rule #4:  Every stream gets published.

Today, I wrote my second Sunday Stream inside the dense rainforest of Chirripo National Park. Mount Chirripo is the tallest peak in Costa Rica...and I got to meditate and write in the shadows of it.


I practiced some breathing exercises, a few light stretches and cat/cows. I meditated for a full 10 minutes this time (little by little, it's getting easier!), starting and ending by focusing on the prompt: by focusing on my first prompt:

"Real Life"

I'm pleased to announce that this week's stream went infinitely more smooth than last week. Words flowed from a deeper source inside myself. I had no distractions like voices or music. Just birds and jungle noises. I did have a few moments where I paused, unsure of where my mind was leading me to. That I will continue to monitor over the weeks.

Sunday Streams #2: Real Life

Real life. Real life. Real life.

Real life or fiction?

As I closed my eyes to meditate, just a few brief moments after waking up, thoughts of "real life" kept jolting me back to reality.

But does the reality live in my brain or is reality what happens when I open my eyes? Is seeing Vanessa more in tune to reality than feeling Vanessa is?

The concept of "real life" has been plaguing me. In 24 hours, I will be doing a final run-through of our apartment in Costa Rica, hitting the road to the airport. 

Was "real life" here, or is it there?

I ask a lot of questions about what is and what isn't. The best answer I've heard so far is, all you have is the present moment. All we have is right now. 

So reality is this single second I am writing this word. Now there's a new present moment. Now there's another one. 

My mind wishes it had all the answers. Even as I write this, my mind is begging for an answer to reveal itself, baited on every syllable. 

As I step into a vastly new chapter of my life, will it be my real one? Will I be traveling around the world, writing the book I keep having dreams about, and living a life even I would be jealous of?

Jen Sincero said, "Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse-free world."

In other words, the life you fantasize about is already possible, it is already waiting for you. Your excuses are the only thing stopping your fantasy from being your reality. 

The only thing getting in your you


If I truly take that advice to heart, soul and mind, what action would I take to manifest that fantasy? 

First, I would describe my perfect day. That will be my next blog post. Then I would discover how that perfect day could happen, and make it happen. Why not live out the fantasy in the present moment? I have all the tools available to me, and so do you.

What comes to mind when you think "real life"?

Do you imagine struggle or hardship? That job you hate? Coming back from vacation, dreading Monday like the plague? (Been there, done that)

Or do you picture yourself living the REAL life you've always dreamed about?

Your real life is waiting for you, just like mine is for me. It's up to us to grab hold and create our realities.

Ah, the second Sunday Stream entry down. More actionable, more me than my first.
And, as you read, you know that this will be the last Sunday Stream I do in Costa Rica. At least for a few years.
I am very sad to leave this beautiful country that I have made my home for the past several months. 

I am very sad that I am saying "so long" to the jungle, the breathtaking views, the pristine Pacific beaches.

But I am saying hello to an adventure of a different kind, taking my first step into homeownership with my beloved partner, Nik.

Homeownership is a small stepping stone in our grand scheme for our future. A life of abundance and freedom and pure, unadulterated happiness. First, a property in Florida. Next, properties in our favorite cities and countries around the globe.

"Real life" awaits us. Your "real life" awaits you. What will it be like?

With love from Costa Rica (for the last time, until next time),