Sunday Stream #3: Mom


Today is Sunday, Mother's Day.

I couldn't think of a better Sunday Stream prompt to follow besides "Mom".


If you've been out of the loop, I started a new series on this blog a couple weeks back called Sunday Streams. After meditating, I focus on a journal prompt and then proceed to write in a stream of consciousness style. I publish the results here, every Sunday.

These are the only rules I set for myself:

  • Rule #1:  Always meditate first.
  • Rule #2:  Write the stream with a physical pen and paper.
  • Rule #3:  Only formatting and punctuation edits may be made. No edits to content.
  • Rule #4:  Every stream gets published.

This is my first stream since coming home from Costa Rica. I have been back in Florida for less than four days and you's super weird. I'll be writing about that soon, don't worry.

Without wasting anymore time, here is the third Sunday Stream, following the prompt "Mom".

Sunday Streams #3: Mom

Motherhood creates a mom. Mom lives through motherhood.

My mom is strong, living through the worst of times with her own mom, thriving through the worst of times with me, her only daughter.

Today we celebrate Mom and motherhood, by which we are really celebrating life. Birth.

A woodpecker just landed on the fence in front of me, drawing my attention toward another form of life - yet, the same.

My mother gave me life, to start. Then she gave me nourishment, safety, and nurturing care. Then she gave me space and room to grow. Then, she began to give me something I should have seen that I was receiving all along:

Support. Kindness. Unwavering strength.

In this time of major transition in my life, support and encouragement are what keep me fighting.

I am a good person. I will make a positive impact on the world. I am a soldier fighting for freedom, equality, and peace.

This is what makes me wonder, for the first time in my life, if I have been wrong about parenthood. Is there more to breeding than selfishness, vanity, or ignorance?

Sorry, moms, but I really once thought that you all fell into one of those three categories.

But now...I see life. I see possibility. I see the chance to raise a person who will know limitless joy and make a positive change in our world.

Thank you, mom.

This stream is much shorter than the previous streams, simply because all I had on me at the time of writing this was my small Northbook journal. My large sketchbook is still packed away in one of our too-many suitcases.

My mom only ever has one wish on Mother's Day each year, and that is to watch the sunset. So each year, we plan dinner on the beach, and stand in the sand to watch the sun disappear. 

I'm off to do exactly that, and celebrate my mom.

With love,