Hip Dips


Hip dips.

I have them. I don’t like them. I have obsessed over them for far too long.

Since starting my fitness journey about two years ago, my legs have only gotten stronger and bulkier. That’s exactly what I want - bulk. It's still early in my fitness journey. As my legs grow wider, these annoying dips in my hips keep getting more and more noticeable. Instagram fitness models sell you the works when this is one of your insecurities. Abduction movements, side planks, side lunges, leg lifts. I’ve incorporated all of these to varying degrees into my regular workout routine in an attempt to reduce the dip.

The problem? I have been spending a year working directly against my natural anatomy.

As I was staring at my body in the mirror today, willing those hip dips to plump out for the billionth time, I suddenly let go. Why was this minor physical feature occupying so much space in my brain? Is the mental anguish worth this innocuous, natural thing?

Turns out, my bone structure is to blame. We all have a hip bone and a femur bone. The distance between them determines the size of your “dip.” The more fat I lost around my hips, the more prominent those dips became. Achieving my fitness goals led to revealing a less-than-ideal body type.

My wide hips have some extra curves. So what? I am on my way to getting stronger. I have broader shoulders, a wider back, thicker thighs. I may not have perfectly rounded hips, but I forgot why I was going after “perfect,” anyway. Why not focus on all the positives in the mirror?

In fact, when I was searching for images of hips, I found this stock image titled, "Beauty with perfect body." Get out of here, misogynist weirdo.

Screenshot 2018-07-26 at 1.25.21 PM.png

No one is a worse critic than that inner voice. No one beats you up about things you cannot change as well as you do. And for God’s sake, no one cares about your hip dips.

Your mind can only use so much power, and it only has so much space to actively process information. Fill it with good. Fill it with positive. Fill it with love.

You might have acne, a flat chest, or crow’s feet around your eyes (I’m guilty on all accounts). Maybe your nose is larger than average, or you have more cellulite than you want, or your hair isn’t naturally platinum blonde. Stop criticizing yourself.

The media and our society are hard enough on us as women. I, for one, do not wish to add to the noise that tears women down. I want to add to the positive messages that seem corny, but are 100% true. Messages like…

Every single body is beautiful.

You are worth more than your physical appearance.

A beautiful soul is infinitely more valuable than a beautiful face.

If you don’t like something about your body, first ask yourself: Is this something I can change by improving my lifestyle, exercise, or eating habits?

I thought the answer was “yes” for my hip dips. But, after a year of needless stress, I have had to let that thought go. I have learned that the answer is a resounding “no.” But if your answer is a yes, then do something! Make a change! Start a plan! Set goals! But don’t get caught in the endless race of perfection.

Once you reach your goal of “perfect,” the finish line moves and the vicious cycle starts all over again. There is no finish line. As fast as we learn to love our bodies as they are, society invents new things to hate.

Say kind things to yourself in the mirror. Make peace with the things you can't change. Remember that your body is the vessel that allows you to experience this life. Nurture it and love it.

With love,