Wherever My Feet Will Take Me...?


World travel has my heart.

Nothing excites me more than the thought of seeing and learning about every corner of the globe. Nothing saddens me more than the thought that I'll never be able to travel every inch of this earth.

But recently I have had to take a hard look at the future I want, and ask myself...

Will I really go all the places I say I will?

For the past two months, I have been living abroad in Costa Rica with my boyfriend, Nik.

The goal was not to take a vacation or a short trip, but to live inside the culture here. To create an immersion experience for ourselves. We are living among the Ticos, while working remotely.

Neither Nik or I had ever lived anywhere but the city we were born, and had never even been away from that city for more than two weeks.

This experience has taught us so much about what we want, about minimalist living, about being resourceful, about freedom.


But one worry keeps plaguing me. 

Do I love my hometown too much? Do I want to be with my family and friends too much?

I have always adored travel, like many millennials like me. The age of technology has allowed me the luxury of working while traveling (I guess some wouldn't exactly call that "luxury"). Also like many my age, I have a tight group of friends who would take a bullet for me, and vice versa. I also have a phenomenal relationship with my family. 

My desire to learn, see, and experience is fighting a battle against my Sun and Venus signs (both Cancer). Cancerians love by attachment and fierce loyalty. 

Will all the travel I plan to embark on interfere with these sacred relationships?

Will traveling here, there, and everywhere damage my close friendships? Will we drift apart?

Will my family eventually resent me for missing birthdays, holidays, anniversaries? 

Will I be able to handle separating myself from the roots I am so proud of?

These are answers to questions I simply do not have.

In conclusion, I expect my wild, curious heart to be settled slightly over the next few years. We will find balance, as we always must do.

My feet will still wander. But how far?

For now, I have my sights set on the present moment, and buying a house in Florida with my love. 

After that, I think we'll start to get antsy. We're eager to join along for a work travel program, such as The Remote Year. Click the link below for my full analysis on 13 different work-travel programs!

13+ Digital Nomad Travel Programs We'd Love To Try

With love,